Directors & Officers

Board of Directors

  • James L. Bennett, Chairman of the Board
  • David A. Cain
  • Larry B. Chapman
  • Leslie L. Maze
  • Richard J. Morris


  • Martha J. Haymaker, President & CEO
  • Chris P. Arden, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer 
  • Bruce L. Fitzwater, Vice President & Chief Retail Officer
  • Richard D. Fitzwater, Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
  • Samantha L. Hickman, Vice President & Chief Operations Officer
  • Brenda L. Wolfe, Vice President, BSA Officer, Chief Risk Officer, & Board Secretary
  • Pam J. Godfrey, Assistant Vice President & Human Resource Administrator
  • Richard Welch, Assistant Vice President & Technology Officer
  • Brad M. Stevens,  Retail Manager - Grantsville Office
  • Cheryl A. Carpenter, Retail Manager - Arnoldsburg Office
  • Royce J. Steele, Retail Manager - Glenville Office